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One thing is for sure – you need a unique blog idea to raise eyeballs of your target audience. No matter how saturated a market is, if you can present your blog uniquely and make a difference with your idea, you’ll definitely get the attention. So, here I present 5 Simple Yet Unique Blog Ideas for you to craft, pour your own flavor and make one your own.

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Unique Blog Idea #1

Sugar-free Blog

Target Market: People concerned about Sugar related Health Problems.

Sugar is sweet but let’s accept that high consumption of this sweet taste can do harm to a human body as it increases the risk of many health problems like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, heart diseases, etc.

sugar-free blog ideaMany health conscious people all over the world have already gone sugar-free and many are still finding alternatives.

So, anyone looking forward to start a food or health blog, a sugar-free blog idea can be food for thought.

You can start doing your research and write on sugar-free living, sugar-free food and recipes, etc.

Already have a fair idea on the sugar-free living concept?


Finding article ideas would be a bit easier for you.

But, if you are a newbie in this niche, keep the term “Sugar-free” in your mind and ask all the Whys, Hows and Whats that reside around your niche, and use Google search engine to find your answers. This will give you enough supply of information to craft contentfor your blog.

Oh yes! If you can come up with your own sugar-free recipes, they would serve as bonus to your audience making your blog a unique one.

Revenue sources: There are many sugar-free products starting from biscuits, chocolates to drinks and shakes which you can promote and sell on your blog for a commission. Check Amazon or any other similar e-commerce sites and their affiliate program. You can also sell eBooks on sugar-free recipes, diet plans and programs.


Unique Blog Idea #2

A Blog on Playing Guitar

Target Market: Guitar Beginners and Guitar Lovers.

This is for the ones who know to play the guitar.

Well, if you search, you’ll see that information on Guitar and how to play it is adequately available online. But, that doesn’t mean that a new blog on the same thing cannot make its way.

guitar blog ideaAs I already said it doesn’t matter how saturated a particular online market is, if you dig you’ll definitely be able to find your own unique stand.

Take the idea….

Start a blog where you show chords of songs, show how to play them and write about many other guitar related stuffs.

You might be thinking that this is already available online. Right?

Okay. Let’s make it unique.

The first thing you can do is base your blog on only one language or genre. For example, you present the chords for Hindi songs only, or say Reggae songs if you want to go by genre.

Concentrate on songs which are new and fresh instead of playing the ones which are already shown by many. That’s first mover advantage. On the other hand, if you like a song which has not been covered by anyone, create it.

Moreover, look for covers of songs which have not been showcased yet and show how to play them. You are a teacher.

In this way, you can make the blog unique just by the kind of songs you cover.

Along with your blog, you should also start a Youtube channel to upload and store your videos. You can easily show these videos on your blog as blog posts.

Most Youtube channel owners do not have a blog and in case they want to generate money from their videos, they rely on Adsense.

But having a blog can open up more sources of revenue like selling third-party products – guitar gears, online guitar courses, eBooks on guitar, etc. Youtube channel should be primarily used to drive visitors to your blog where you provide more stuffs other than just video covers.

Apart from songs, your blog should also provide interesting articles and stuffs related to guitar and music to keep your target audience interested.


Unique Blog Idea #3

Blog Idea on and around Facebook

Target Market: Facebook users

Is Facebook a time-pass for you?

Or are you benefiting from it?

Whatever it is, it can also be taken as an opportunity considering the fact that millions of people reside in this single platform at any given point of time.

facebook blog ideaFacebook is not just about keeping in touch with friends. It’s a great platform for meeting new people, make new business contacts and build network and relationship, a place for app developers and above all, a big marketing platform to promote almost anything.

All these make Facebook a place for anyone to further discover exciting things sitting at home.

Many have already jumped into this bandwagon to inform and help people on how to take advantage of Facebook for business purpose. And I’m sure many are planning to.

So here’s the idea for you if you are just starting off –

Start exploring Facebook and also research what other bloggers in this niche are blogging. You’ll get a fair idea about the happenings. Learn the features of Facebook and their benefits. Well, you’ll have to think beyond personal profiles and dig through other features and tools such as FB Page, Groups, FB Ads, etc.

In this research phase you are sure to come up with ideas for creating blog content and present them in your blog.

Repeat this process and involve yourself in learning more for more content ideas.

It doesn’t matter if this niche is competitive simply because here the ultimate goal for revenue generation with your blog should be landing on projects like social media management, Facebook ad campaigns, etc. from local business entities.

The alternative sources are of course always there such as running ads from an ad network like Adsense and promoting social media marketing tools like Hootsuite, Rafflecopter by writing reviews, etc.


Unique Blog Idea #4

A Blog on Scientific Aids / Fun part of Science

Target Market: Parents, Students, Science Lovers, etc.

Science is fun and sometimes it’s magical. Even if you don’t like the subject you cannot deny the fact that scientific tools, equipment and tricks were always exciting when you first encountered them.

blog idea on scienceMany magical tricks and products are built around science and they constitute a big industry by itself.

Moreover, activities that can be shown with scientific tools and concepts make things easier to understand for everyone. Research says that kids and students learn faster with practical tools than they do with conventional learning.

The world of science is vast where discoveries and inventions are unstoppable. And there are a hell lot of things that can surprise anyone on any fine day.

So, can you keep on summing up all these by creating a blog? It could be useful for parents, students and the ones who just want to have some fun with science.

The idea is not about writing articles on complicated apparatuses, test tubes, physical and chemical reactions or any other complex theory. You are not a scientist (assume not, if you are).

The blog should be based on the fun side of science. Life hacks, simple magic tricks, practical learning tools, etc. are all science and can form parts of your blog.

Revenue Sources: Ads, affiliate product sales, sponsored reviews, etc.


Unique Blog Ideas #5

City/State/Region Specific Blog

While blogging is a versatile medium to reach and connect to people around the world, the process becomes a bit easier when concentrated on a specific geographical area.

Well, this blog idea is for you to craft and find your target audience. I’ll show you a glimpse of it.

While planning for a blog based on a specific geography, in general, you can get started off in three ways:

  1. Your city/state/region + your favourite niche (For example: Rajasthan + Tourism)
  2. Your city/state/region + combination of a few related niches (For example: Delhi + Entertainment + Events + Food + Lifestyle + People)
  3. Your city/state/region + multiple niches (For example: Northeast India + Politics + Real Estate + Tourism + Sports)

I won’t suggest the third type but depending upon your goals you may go ahead with that too.

The biggest benefits of having a local-focus blog are easy marketing and promotion and search engine optimization. Of course, it again depends upon the competition, but then, competition will certainly be less compared to a blog having a wider audience.

Apart from writing informative and entertaining articles, here are a few things you can add-on to your blog:

  1. unique blog ideasAllow people to get published in your blog. Accept guest writing.
  2. Local job and employment information.
  3. Business listing service.
  4. Hold contest on writing, photography, etc.
  5. Second-hand buy and sell listing.
  6. Local event updates.
  7. Feature success stories.
  8. Showcase talents.

This list can keep growing as long as you can keep digging into the idea. It’s your job to see what fits in your idea of a Geo-specific blog.

Tip: Imagine your blog as if it’s a local online magazine.

Revenue Sources: Ads, sponsored posts, premium business listings, merchandise sales, etc.

Leaving them to you…

I don’t say these unique blog ideas are going to give you a bright blogging future. I also don’t agree that they are useless. See, mere ideas are always vague and they neither represent success nor failure until implemented. Everything depends on you, only you.

Start a blog today!

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