50 Review Blog Ideas to Kick-start Your Blogging Journey

Actually, here are more than 50 review blog ideas! These ideas are meant to spark your own imagination.

But, before we get to them, let’s dig a bit into the concept of a review blog.

A review blog is one of the simplest forms of blogging models. It generally involves writing of your own analysis of something you have used or experienced.

For example, you can write a review of a book you have read, an app you like, a movie you have watched, a site you have surfed, etc.

As a general rule, you cannot write a review of any product or service without using or experiencing it. This is one thing that every review blogger must try to maintain. But as every rule has exceptions, in some cases, you’ll find that in-depth research is the only requirement to write a review.


Before starting a review blog you must also understand that your blog should concentrate on a particular niche – a segment, a defined target audience or whatever you may call it, so that your focus remains clear with your blog visitors.

First time bloggers are often seen writing reviews on whatever they like, which is a wrong strategy. If your blog is about reviewing books, you should only review books and nothing else.

To make your blog more focused, you may narrow down your target audience/niche. For example, in the case of book reviews, your blog may only focus on one category – say, books for kids. So, here your target audiences are parents or anyone looking for reviews of books based on kids.

Having a target niche can give many advantages like clarity of the blog, easy understanding of visitors’ needs and psychology, easier to promote and market your blog, great for search engine optimization (SEO), and proof of authority over a specific industry.

Moreover, researching and digging deep into a niche always open up chances of finding new and innovative ideas which you can use in your blog.

So, if you want to start a review blog, here is a list of review blog ideas one of which you can move ahead with.

In the end, I will also show how to set up a review blog and how review blogs are monetized.

Note: People read reviews of something when they want to take a decision. Say, a movie to watch or not, which movie to watch, a product to purchase or not, etc. So, always write reviews that will help a reader make the appropriate decision. This should be your objective all throughout your review blogging.


50 Review Blog Ideas to Kick-start Your Blogging Journey


[A] Books Review Blogs

books reviewBest for the bookworm but you too can run a Books Review Blog if you can cultivate the habit of reading books. The trick lies in bringing out your best and honest thoughts on the books you review and also making all your posts (reviews) unique and interesting.

Not just that, since narrowing down a niche is a critical aspect for success, you should concentrate on a particular category of books. Here are a few I could see:

1) Fictional Books:

You review the kind of books you love. You love only fictional books.

2) Business Books:

You are into business and you read business related books. Why not a business books review blog?

3) Inspirational Books:

You love to get inspired by reading inspirational books. Now review them and inspire others.

4) Books for Kids:

Yes, books related to kids can be a unique niche and can be fun too.

5) Regional Books (or Language Based):

In case you want to review books published from a particular region or in a particular language, this is yours.

[B] Online Courses

review blog ideasThe internet is pumped up with all kinds of courses promising to make everyone learn online. It’s unusual that anyone would choose to take up a certain online course before going through some reviews. Online users seek to compare the available courses to check which one better fits their requirements. So, that’s where review blogs on online courses can work on.

Here are a few ideas you may look up to if you want to build a review blog on online courses:

6) Online Music Courses:

It’s now possible to learn almost every musical instrument online. You can even find online training programs on singing, lyrics writing, Sound Mixing Software, etc. Hence, there’s no harm in creating a review blog on online music courses.

7) Courses Related to Hobbies:

There are people who take their hobby seriously. The idea here is to build a review blog around online courses that teach such stuffs which could be many people’s hobby. It can be gardening, graphic designing, photography, playing guitar, singing, cooking, learning a different language, etc. Point is – they all have online courses for you to review.

8) Free Online Courses:

Build a review blog around all those courses that are free of cost. This may again cater to multiple niches keeping one thing common i.e. all the courses you write about are free of cost.

9) Online Certification Courses:

On a serious note, many colleges, universities and companies are now offering online courses and also providing certificates on successful completion. Put up a blog and showcase every detail about them in a review format.

[C] Movies

movie review blogMovie reviews are common but that should not discourage you from starting a movie reviews blog if you really are interested. Do it more strategically. Instead of randomly writing about Hollywood or Bollywood movies, why not carve out a different and uncommon blog niche like the following:

10) Documentary Movies:

There are people who love documentary movies too. If you can show the best side of them, more people will show their love and follow. Apparently, some documentary movies are far better than the mainstream ones.

11) Inspirational Movies:

Inspire people with an inspirational movies review blog. Well, you may also club this idea with the ‘Inspirational Books Review’ idea.

12) Love Stories:

Perhaps the most common theme for most movies is a love story. But that doesn’t matter if you can attract visitors with your unique style of writing and gain followers.

13) Horror Movies:

I don’t love horror movies. But that should not stop you from start writing on horror movies. There are horror lovers too. No, I’m not scared.

14) Animated Movies:

Animation industry is huge and you do not need to create animation to be a part of it. Create your own world of animated movies by starting a review blog around them.

15) Regional Movies:

Like books, movies can also be categorized by language and geographic regions – Country, State, Zone or whatever. All these open up more niches to ideate a review blog on movies. Do your research and if you find no reviews of movies of your region, you are game!


[D] And the rest…


16) Review Restaurants:

If you are a foodie and love to hang out, reviewing restaurants or any other food joint for that matter, could be a wonderful project for you. Who knows, your blog might get popular and you end up with invitations from high-profile clients to review their restaurants in your blog. There’s money.

17) Review Places:

Do you travel a lot? If yes, then start writing reviews of all the places you visit. You can also include reviews of travel related products and services. Take inspiration from travel bloggers who are doing well in this field. Most of them started earning by promoting products and services related to travel and from ads in their blog.

18) City Insiders:

Every city has many things to offer of its own all of which can be reviewed in a blog. Starting from unique shops, eateries, services, events, entertainment and nightlife to anything that seems suitable for you to review, all can give shape to a unique review blog. Make sure you live in the city you review as you are targeting a niche geographically.

19) Android Apps:

As most kids of this new generation, if you too are familiar with android and its diverse apps, why not build a blog on android apps reviews? What you will do is install, use, analyze and then write. There are numerous apps in various categories. To take the first step – decide what kind of apps you are going to review and start discovering and using them.

20) Chocolate Items:

The online shopping medium has made it possible to get any product at your doorstep no matter in which part of the world the vendor is sitting. So, here comes the chance to buy, eat and review the variety of chocolate products the world has to offer. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. all have them. (this idea alone should spark more ideas in your mind considering the range of products available online.)

21) Financial Products:

Financial sector is one of the most lucrative ones. To start a review blog in this sector, you must have sound knowledge on various financial products like insurance, mutual fund, credit cards, bank accounts, etc.

In some countries, some bloggers are also seen creating niche blogs on specific financial products. For instance, a blog dedicated to credit cards only, targeting US consumers.

22) Mobiles and Accessories:

Use of mobile phones is now a fashion and with the increasing number of mobile brands in the market there is an opportunity to show real and honest reviews of those phones. Also include mobile accessories in your blog.

23) Laptops and Accessories:

Just like mobiles, laptops are another product line to create a review blog. They too have accessories.

24) Electronic Devices/Gadgets:

Today, electronic devices and gadgets do not end with just laptops and mobiles. From kitchen to health and from spying to entertainment, electronic devices and gadgets are everywhere. Carve out a unique niche and create an interesting review blog around them.

25) Video Games:

If you love to play video games, you should also be able to tell them why. Do it by stating a video games review blog. Games are a healthy market.

26) Fitness Products:

A review blog in the fitness industry can include gym equipment, supplements, fitness related books, fitness apps, etc. If you hit the gym regularly, this is your thing.

27) Educational Games:

There has been a surge of games that promise learning with fun. These products are generally made for school kids. Can you review them?

28) Eco-friendly/Organic Products:

Environmentally conscious people are always looking for products that do not pose a threat to the environment. Your job here is to find those products and write for them. From solar-powered lights to organic make-up kits, you’ll find a whole lot of things to review once you start your research.

29) Social Media Tools:

Social media is booming and businesses and marketers are leveraging it by reaching out to more and more people. But to streamline the social media marketing process, they need social media tools and software. There are a number of such products and services that sort out various issues. Review them.

30) Marketing Tools & Software:

Not only social media, if you understand the subject ‘Marketing’ you are actually capable enough to review all other tools and software made for marketing. This industry is huge.

31) Office Tools & Software:

From Accounting to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), there are online tools to make day-to-day business process easier. The idea here is to create a blog where you review office tools and software available online for small businesses.

32) Business Franchises:

How about reviewing franchising opportunities? Research and find out business franchises and write detailed reviews on them.

33) Music Albums:

If you think you have good taste for music, start writing reviews of music albums from your favorite genre. Pop, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Dubstep, etc. are all for you to play.

34) TV Soaps & Serial Reviews:

Just wanted to throw the idea. Laugh at it, screw it or take it seriously. It is what you think it is.

35) Second-hand Cars:

Here you go. Hunt for second-hand cars in your city, test drive them and give your honest feedback by putting up a second-hand cars review blog. Take a percentage of commission from the seller when a sale is made through you.

36) Second-hand Bikes:

This is for motor bike lovers. Do just as the second-hand car reviewer did. You may also club both the ideas.

37) Complete Review of Murder Cases:

Considering all those wild ideas that became successful, here is one for you to try – Review Murder Cases. Read newspapers every day and keep track of murder cases if any. Write down all developments of each case separately in your blog. The idea is to bring complete review of a particular murder case in a single blog post.

38) Sports Reviews:

Show your craze for sports with a sports review blog. Choose a sport that you love and never want to miss.

39) Music Apps and Software:

For their reviews, do not limit yourself to music players only. Go wild and look for things that can add value to a music lover’s life, like, music editing software, recording software, mixing apps, etc.

40) Make-up Products:

Ladies and Ladies, here is your chance to do more with something without which your shopping list is often incomplete. You know it. Yes, not every man understands, but Make-up really matters. So, this time onwards when you buy any make-up product, don’t throw it before making a complete review about it. Set-up a blog to do that.

41) Funny Software & Sites:

Create a blog that will show visitors enough ways to have fun in the internet. There are numerous sites and software made for pranks, fun and for killing boredom. Research, find them and write about them.

42) WordPress Themes:

No WordPress blog starter can ignore one thing – to search for a WordPress theme. Although there are many WP theme review blogs, you still can start one by focusing on a small niche, like, WP themes for businesses, WP Personal Themes, etc. This idea is good for you only if you are familiar with the WP community.

43) WordPress Plugins:

Plugins are those little pieces of software that can add almost any function to a WP blog/site. Due to the variety of plugins available, you should focus your reviews only on a particular kind of plugins. For example, social media plugins, marketing plugins, interesting plugins, etc. Again, you should be familiar with WordPress.

44) Website Builders:

These days you do not need to know coding or HTML to build a website. All you need is a website building software. There are hundreds of online website builders where you can sign up and create a website within minutes. So, sign them up, use them and reviews on each of them with your own findings and analysis. Start a website builder review blog.

45) Reward Sites:

The internet is full of sites that promise to reward users for doing something. Use them, find their authenticity and write your own reviews.

46) Photography Products:

Now, this idea should spark more ideas inside your head! The idea is to start a review blog targeting a profession. For ex: Teachers, Musicians, Event Planners, etc. Photographers are one of them and there are many such professions. For photography products reviews, you may include cameras, lenses, equipment, photo related software, photography courses, and so on.

47) Innovative Products:

If you are crazy about new, innovative and one-of-a-kind products, why not start searching them online and write about them? Have a unique review blog about unconventional and inventive products.

48) Affiliate Programs:

Most big and small online businesses nowadays are adopting affiliate marketing strategy to sell their products and services online.

Affiliate programs are those which one can join, get a unique referral link and earn commission whenever sales happen through that unique link.

These programs are generally made for bloggers and online marketers who use their affiliate links on their blogs and websites to generate sales.

Interestingly, the basic earning method of most review blogs is also affiliate sales.

But, the idea here is not to join them and sell their stuffs but to review the affiliate programs and bring out their benefits, reliability and all other pros and cons in a blog. You’ll be targeting bloggers and internet marketers for this purpose.

49) Reseller Programs:

A little different from the affiliate programs, reviewing reseller programs is another exciting idea. In reseller programs, marketers are allowed to sell products and services in their own brand name. Usually a small investment is involved to apply for these programs. But, since you’ll only be reviewing the reseller programs, you don’t need to worry about investment.

50) Commercial Video Ads Reviews

If movies can be reviewed, why not video ads? Review the quality of the ads as well as that of the products or services highlighted in the ads.

51) Unique Luxury Items:

Last but not the least, target the rich and start writing about any luxury item you find online available for sale.

The above ideas are not only for building full-fledged review blogs. If you already have a blog in any of the above niches, you may introduce a new category for reviews in your blog. Many bloggers prefer to go with this strategy. They write variety of posts and also keep a category for reviews of stuffs that fall under their niche.

How to Set-up a Review Blog?

The process of setting up of any blog is almost the same. Follow the Set-up Guide to easily create your own blog. The guide is based on WordPress and is a comprehensive one which shows you all important parts of a blog set-up. While you do it yourself, learning more insights about blogging is guaranteed.

You’ll come across WordPress Themes in the guide. To give your blog unique review features, you should choose a Review Theme. There are many WordPress themes specially crafted for review blogs. Do a Google search to find them.

review blog ideaMonetization of a Review Blog

Planning a revenue model for a blog depends upon the idea and the concept. But the most common monetization techniques are Ads, Affiliate Sales and Sponsored Reviews.


You can display ads on your blog without needing to look for advertisers. They are many agency platforms online with unique methods of advertising that will do the job for you. The leader in this sphere is Google Adsense. Once your blog is approved by Adsense, it’s only a matter of putting a few lines of code in your blog and ads will be displayed automatically. You’ll be paid by Google once you reach the minimum payment threshold limit.

Affiliate Sales:

Monetize your blog by selling others people’s products. Let’s say, your blog is about reviewing Luxury Items and you are reviewing a product that you have found on Amazon. Good news is that you can send all your readers to that product page at Amazon with a unique referral link and earn commission everytime a sale occurs through the link. You just have to join Amazon’s affiliate program to get that link.

Not just Amazon, this can be done for most products and services sold online as affiliate programs are very common these days.

Sponsored Reviews:

Once your review blog becomes popular, you can offer paid writing services to companies and businesses at a fixed or negotiated price per review. There are platforms like SponsoredReviews which makes it easier for bloggers and businesses to meet in one common place. They also take care of payment and several other matters.

While the above three are the common monetizing methods, they should not restrict you from creating your own unique earning technique. Start analyzing your blog visitors (audience) and give your best in connecting them to what they are looking for. This should open up ways for monetization for the long-run.


Final Note:

Earning from your review blog will only happen when it has a decent number of visitors every day, and to have that, you need to understand marketing and promotion. It would be foolishness to underestimate marketing and promotion as they are unavoidable in blogging. Just learn and apply them.

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