A Simple Guide to Choose a Great Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name for a website or blog is an important part of any online business or project. A domain name has a lot to do in this virtual world and can even prove to be the Game Changer for a brand.

This post is geared towards providing the best tips for choosing a domain name that embraces most of the elements of a valuable domain name.

Have you ever tried to find a suitable domain name?

How was your experience?

The biggest problem in finding a suitable domain name is that most of the good domain names are already gone and are not available now. The main reason behind this is the Domain Flipping Business wherein domain flippers and investors find and register available unique domain names just to sell them at a higher price and make profit. Their price could be sometimes 1000% more than the actual price or even more than that depending upon the quality of the domain name.

As a result, it’s becoming hard to find and own a good domain name.

But if you are creative enough and know the tricks and tips of finding a good domain name, you can still get a unique domain name which is available. For this, you need to understand the characteristics of a valuable domain name. Know them below!

Tips To Choose A Great Domain Name

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The Domain Extension

This is the first thing to consider while choosing a domain name. There are many domain extensions such as .net, .biz, .edu, .org, .mobi, etc., but the most preferred one is the .com domain.

Yes, depending upon your project, you may choose a country specific extension like .co.uk or .co.in and sometimes you may also take .mobi if you are targeting mobile users only.

So, it depends on what your project is about. But it’s always better to have the .com extension if you are looking for long-term benefits and have a global presence. Best thing to do is having the .com domain as primary and also register the other extensions if required.

A .com domain name is great, simply because it is the most common extension known to people!

The Keyword Game

Search engine giant, Google used to give a lot of importance on keyword-rich domain names by giving them high rank in search results. Many businesses took advantage of this nature of search engines by using keywords in a domain name. For example, if your business is about selling shoes in India, you could use the keywords “shoes” and “India” in your domain name to get a good hold in search engines.

But in the recent algorithm changes, Google declared that it no longer counts keywords in domain names to return search results. Hence, now it’s not a necessity to use keywords in domain names to get ranked in search engines. It’s the quality of the content in the site and SEO that matter.

Although, Google has narrowed down the importance of keywords in domain names, yet it still is a good way to instill the feel of what a brand is about, by applying keyword in a domain name in a way that catches user attention and that speaks about the brand. Remember that we are working for our audience and not just for search engines!

The Domain Name Length

What should be the ideal length of a domain name?

The shorter is better!

But it’s better only if it’s not obscure and hard to remember. The domain name should be easy to remember, easy to spell and easy to write. Of course, these qualities don’t come naturally with a short domain name. You need to infuse these elements while creating a domain name.

Since the domain name is attached with every URL of a site, its length has a role to play when search engines scan the URLs while doing their search. The domain name is the first thing that a search engine reads and thereafter it moves on to the particular URL and then the page.

Understandably, it takes less time to read a shorter domain name which also improves ranking.

Things To Avoid While Choosing A Domain Name

A domain name may consist of 63 characters including letters, numbers and hyphens. But it’s not at all required whatever is possible or is allowed. In fact, it’s better to avoid some possibilities.

  • Avoid using HYPHENS in your domain name. It damages the branding element of your domain name and destroys the word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Avoid using Use number only if it directly has something to do with your business or brand. Otherwise it can destroy verbal communication.
  • Avoid TRADEMARKED NAMES. This can land you into trouble for infringing copyrights. You should also avoid similar or competing domain names.
  • If your project is solely for commercial purpose, it’s also not advised to use PERSONAL NAMES. Domain names using personal names are not saleable in the future if you want to.

Things You Should Expect From A Domain Name

Finally, the outcome we all want is a domain name that gives positive results irrespective of age and time. The following checklist should go with your domain name.

  • The domain name is simple and short.
  • The domain name is unique.
  • The domain name is easy to spell and pronounce.
  • The domain name is catchy and memorable.
  • The domain name is brandable.
  • The domain name reflects the unique idea of your brand.

Last but not the least: Do some research on the famous names or brands both online and offline, you’ll get a good grasp of what works and what not. And yes, don’t waste your time in finding and choosing more domain names if you already have found a good one. Grab it now before anyone else does!

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