What is Blogging? You Think You Know This?

Alright let’s take the first blogging lesson today. Even if you know this!

Blogging is nothing but just an activity that is revolutionizing the scope of global communication. No doubt, it is ruling the online information world. And surprisingly, anyone interested in blogging can start it even without having any technical expertise.

The very basics of blogging

The term ‘Blog’ is derived from the word ‘Web-log’ which means an online journal or diary consisting of posts (or entries) in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first.

The term ‘Blog’ is also used as a verb. In case of ‘I BLOG IDEAS’, it’s a verb.

The act of creating content and publishing for a blog is ‘Blogging’ and the person who does this job is a ‘Blogger’.

In the early 90’s when blogs were in their nascent stage, they were only used as online personal diaries. But with the rapid growth of information technology, blogs evolved as a powerful communication medium with varied features and functionality.

Today, a blog can be shaped as a digital magazine, a news or information sharing site, a place to share your talent, hobby and creativity and what not!

Blog Content can be text (articles), images, videos, podcasts, etc. or combination of two or more or all of them.

what blogging involves

So, what does a blogger do?

That’s a broad question.

Journey of a blogger starts from deciding what to blog about. Once that’s done, next comes – use of technology, creating and publishing content and telling the world about it.

Let’s say, Mr. Unknown loves his city and decides to start a blog on the same. He then sets up his blog and starts researching on topics he could write about his city. Finally, he writes them as blog posts and publishes them at regular intervals and keeps on doing the same. He also starts learning how to create better content, how to use technology and how to attract more readers to his blog and takes action as per requirement.

That’s how it generally flows. But that’s not all, a lot of tasks and activities go into blogging and bloggers do them as and when they think necessary.

Primarily, a blogger creates valuable and original content for its readers. It’s the most important job of a professional blogger as content is the feed which keeps a blog alive.

Examples of Blogs

To make yourself more familiar with blogging, visit and explore the following blogs which are popular in their own fields:

These are only a few. There are millions of other blogs active on the internet on various topics. Most bloggers start with a subject they like, know well or are crazy about.

Amit Agarwal, who is a veteran Indian blogger, also maintains a popular directory of Indian Bloggers under various sectors and niches. Visit IndianBloggers.org

And yes, the site you are reading now is nothing but a blog! Take it as an example of a blog which is based on research.

Read on to know more or set-up your blog now – Click Here

blogging basics

Why People Blog?

The reasons for taking up blogging vary from person to person. Some do it for the love of writing, some do it to establish themselves as experts in their area of interest and profession, some do it to market their products and services, some do it for fun and sharing personal stuffs and some do it for extra income online.

Bloggers have their own reasons but most of them fall under any one of the following:


Blogging helps students in gaining more knowledge as it involves research, study and then writing on their own. It improves writing, research and analyzing skills, thereby helping in becoming a better thinker. Most student bloggers eventually find that they have gained valuable skill-sets which can make a CV more attractive.

On the other hand, blogging as students have all the chances of taking them into a long-term blogging career.

Professionals, Businesses, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

Blogging has become a powerful medium for marketing. Popularly termed as ‘Content Marketing’, modern-day businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers are doing it aggressively by creating helpful and informative content for their target audience. Agencies and companies are also seen hiring writers to do their blogging tasks.

A blog is the backbone of content marketing and it helps enormously in exposing products and services to a larger customer base.

“Interesting content is one of the top reasons why people follow brands on social media.”

Independent Career Seekers

Blogging has turned up as a rewarding career option either taken full-time or part-time. Once a blog starts getting popular, plenty of opportunities stay ahead to earn from it, like

  • selling ad spaces,
  • running ads from ad networks,
  • promoting and selling third-party products for commissions (popularly known as affiliate programs),
  • creating and selling one’s own products,
  • collaborations with brands, etc.

Moreover, more and more companies are reaching out to bloggers to write about their products and services and paying well for the same.

All these, with the availability of easy to use technology, have given birth to many blogging careers.


Yes, there are many who take blogging as a hobby. For this breed of bloggers, a blog can be a diary, a memorabilia, a place to showcase their hobby, just for fun or anything they think it is. In many cases, it’s also amazing to see that some hobby bloggers turned up into full-time blogging professionals.

So, that’s the scene!

People all around the world have been blogging their heart out to achieve their unique goals. Blogging has become an amazing world for those who have been doing it patiently.

So what?

Well, if you feel blogging can be your thing and be a part of your life, you are right and it’s worth a try.

You need not be a techie but you will need to embrace technology. You will also need to embrace learning which can come in many forms like creating better content, promoting your blog, analyzing your audience, better use of technology, etc.

There are many ways to learn blogging but the BEST WAY to learn is by DOING IT YOURSELF. Simply because it gives you hands-on experience.

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